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"Our time at the Ronald McDonald House provided respite and comfort."

Fan Wagon is a company inspired by community, family and children. Our mission statement, “Investing in our most precious resource, our children” inspires and challenges Fan Wagon to actively support organizations that serve children and families. This is a personal challenge for our company as well. Over 10 years ago, my wife and I struggled following the premature birth of our son David with all of the overwhelming financial and medical decisions that needed to be made. We already had two small children at home and could not afford the expense of living in a motel over 80 miles away while our son received specialized care.

he Los Angeles Ronald McDonald House® (LARMH) offered quiet support and resources for affordable temporary housing, meals and transportation. Our time at the House provided respite and comfort. The staff was exceptional and the opportunity to connect with other parents who were facing difficulties helped us to remember our blessings. The Ronald McDonald House program made it possible for my wife to remain by our son’s side while I commuted back and forth from home to the hospital for several weeks. I did not worry because I knew she would be able to eat, rest and be supported by others to encourage her when I could not be there.
Our son, David, was never able to come home, however his journey blessed us with an awareness of the importance of the Los Angeles Ronald McDonald House and inspired a personal goal to donate a room in his honor.

Now, over 20 years later, we have the opportunity to support the Los Angeles Ronald McDonald House, which is one of six Houses operated by Ronald McDonald House Charities® of Southern California. It is our hope that all varieties of sports teams, whether major or minor league, professional or collegiate, will be inspired to join with Fan Wagon and work to promote awareness and financial support for all Ronald McDonald House Charities of Southern California programs.

Fan Wagon is a one of a kind, forward focused company, dedicated to celebrating sports fans across the world while raising awareness and funding for programs and organizations such as the Los Angeles Ronald McDonald House that provide invaluable resources to children and families in need.

Patrick Abram, Sr.
Owner, Fan Wagon Inc.

Our Mission

Fan Wagon Inc.® is what your team needs to acknowledge dedicated fans and inspire new ones. True team fans can Jump on the Fan Wagon, NOT the bandwagon, by wearing sports gear customized with the year they became an established fan. Fan Wagon is not for the fair weather sports fan that jump on the bandwagon of this year’s “team of the season”. Fan Wagon celebrates the dedication and support of sports fans worldwide.